Video File Removed ფილმის საყურებლად გთხოვთ გაიარეთ ავტორიზაცია ან რეგისტრაცია

Terror at Black Tree Forest / რუსულად


    ჟანრი: საშინელებათა ფილმი

    გამოშვების წელი: 2021

    ხანგრძლივობა: 74 წთ

    ქვეყანა: დიდი ბრიტანეთი

    ბიუჯეტი: $7,500

    ფილმის სიუჟეტი:

    Jackie Ness and Gillian Daws head off a day earlier than their college friends to get some time as a couple in the woods that they have been to before. As they make their way to their camping site, Gil reminisces about the time they've been together as a couple, their first meeting, and their first kiss - although Jackie remembers differently. But will she enjoy the surprise he has in store for her? The following day, the rest of the gang meet up and make their way into the woods, with Caroline Travers and self-confessed stoner Molly Wade travelling with a new member of the gang, Jane Mellows , and arriving ahead of the guys, Simon St John and Will Andrews. After an early evening rain shower clears, the girls explore and find the abandoned ruins of an old church. But who is the stranger observing them? Back at the campsite as night falls, Will regales the gang with the tale of Boris Drumpf, the last known survivor of the Terror at Black Tree Forest. Does Will know more than he says? Is Simon hiding a mystery past? Will the vagrant be a friend or an enemy to the gang? Who is the mysterious hooded killer stalking the woods? Will the gang make their way out of the forest in the morning - or are they all destined to remain there - for ever? —Payne, Martin W.