Video File Removed ფილმის საყურებლად გთხოვთ გაიარეთ ავტორიზაცია ან რეგისტრაცია

სიცოცხლის სინდრომი

Sindrom zhizni / რუსულად


    ჟანრი: დრამა

    გამოშვების წელი: 2022

    ხანგრძლივობა: 75 წთ

    ქვეყანა: რუსეთი

    ფილმის სიუჟეტი:

    Elizaveta Petrovna had just buried her husband, with whom she had lived all her life. The only daughter and the only grandson - that's the whole family, whose life was largely determined by the deceased. In the process of parsing her husband's things, she discovers a letter from her husband. It contains a secret that the head of the family kept from Elizabeth Petrovna for several decades, the story of his French love and a child born out of wedlock. The woman is trying to tell her daughter Valeria about this, but she has her own problems and interests, "not up to it." What to say about the grandson who lives in a separate, separate reality. It seems that in this family it is simply not customary to listen, let alone hear each other. But gradually, family members, each experiencing grief in their own way, find common ground.Plot summaryAdd synopsis