Video File Removed ფილმის საყურებლად გთხოვთ გაიარეთ ავტორიზაცია ან რეგისტრაცია

Plast / რუსულად


    ჟანრი: დრამა, დეტექტივი

    გამოშვების წელი: 2022

    ხანგრძლივობა: 102 წთ

    ქვეყანა: რუსეთი

    ფილმის სიუჟეტი:

    Big Boss Sergey Yevgenyevich instructs Slava and Zhenya to sell a batch of smuggled solar stone. Slava and Zhenya are friends who have been working in amber since childhood. In the 90s, Slava and Zhenya had a chance to rise, to become wealthy people, but one circumstance that happened through the fault of Slava forever deprived them of this opportunity. After receiving a large batch from Sergey Yevgenyevich, Zhenya has a plan in his head on how to get rich quickly and become the person he always dreamed of being. What is Zhenya capable of to achieve his goal, and is there a place for friendship when it comes to big money?Plot summaryAdd synopsis