Video File Removed ფილმის საყურებლად გთხოვთ გაიარეთ ავტორიზაცია ან რეგისტრაცია

Things Worth Weeping For / რუსულად


    ჟანრი: დრამა, კომედია

    გამოშვების წელი: 2021

    ხანგრძლივობა: 83 წთ

    ქვეყანა: უნგრეთი

    შემოსავალი: $25,055

    ფილმის სიუჟეტი:

    MAJA's life is finally coming together and her BOYFRIEND couldn't be more pleased. In the midst of moving out from their student flat, Maja's evening takes a surprising turn when she stumbles upon an old relative who is without a doubt, dead. Nobody from the family is available to help, so Maja has to deal with it herself. As she waits for the authorities, SARA, Maja's childhood friend, joins her. Sara's more than keen on sharing her latest successes. Hours pass and they're stuck with the dead body. Absurd situations arise. Are they allowed to eat next to a dead person? Did the woman just move her hand? And what is the proper way to say goodbye to someone you didn't even know? This unexpected long night and the experience of death, act as a catalyst on Maja. In spite of how satisfying her perfect relationship and 30-year mortgage may seem, she's not happy in this new adult life. Maja takes off, disappears into the street, and out, into the unknown. It's the most adult thing she can think of right now.Plot summaryAdd synopsis