Video File Removed ფილმის საყურებლად გთხოვთ გაიარეთ ავტორიზაცია ან რეგისტრაცია

ადამიანი აღარ არის: ნიშანი

Human No More: The Feature / რუსულად


    ჟანრი: თრილერი

    გამოშვების წელი: 2021

    ხანგრძლივობა: 124 წთ

    ქვეყანა: აშშ

    ფილმის სიუჟეტი:

    Nemo, a private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case, revisits the HAB--a transgressive warehouse-nightclub complex--where he re-evaluates the details of his confrontations with the Mirror Murders Killer, the man that would take everything from him. With each flashback more bizarre stories unfold, more embittered philosophies, more dark details, and all nuances of truth that lead to an ultimate revelation that drives Detective Nemo back into his caustic underworld one last time. There he must face the blind eye of Heaven, the hunger of Hell, and the relentless ambiguity of his own humanity. Detective Nemo will commit an impossible act upon himself, all in effort to seek vengeance and chase down the diabolical presence that the Mirror Murders Killer has become--Mr. Blight.